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.omwaddon & .omwscripts files

Posted: 17 Dec 2023, 01:14
by ajira2
Hi there. First, thank you for your great work.

I took your advice and using MO2 for OpenMW and plugin to export.

I find rather inconvenient having to click explicitly every single time on .omwaddon & .omwscripts files to enable them in OpenMW launcher after the exportation of MO2 when testing mods.

Could it be made that these files are marked by default?

When you have a long modlist and have to search for them every single time you try some new mods, it gets exhausting.


Besides, despite having scaled the GUI, for my 4k monitor the cursor size is beyond ridiculously small. I'm using Faithful HD Cursors mod that somewhat ameliorates the issue, but it would be needed to be at least twice of the current mod size.

I tried downloading it, extracting the dds files, exporting to png, upscaling with gigapixel, exporting back to dds but no luck.