Funding for features

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Funding for features

Post by Arinmal27 »

Hello everyone.

I really love openmw and is really amazing that people invest their free time to work on this. Im not home much ands play openmw on my phone mostly, then when I am home i connect my phone to the tv and continue playing with a controller.

Right now I'm using the .49 sisah2 android version and it's great. But controller support is lacking.

Could I hire someone or pay for that feature to be added?
I know how dumb this sounds but really want it to have the same feel on a controller as with a console?
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Re: Funding for features

Post by AnyOldName3 »

In the past, people have listed bounties on BountySource, but they've been closer to tips than actually paying people to do things. It might be enough to tempt someone who wasn't otherwise going to, but probably won't. There's also nothing stopping you finding a software engineer and contracting them to work on a feature until it's merged, but you'll probably baulk at the cost - software engineers are expensive, so it might be several thousand dollars, even for something like controller support where there are abandoned attempts from the past that can be used as a basis.
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Re: Funding for features

Post by psi29a »

Software developers/engineers that are contractors usually charge around 80 to 100 euros / 90 to 110 dollars per hour. So let's low-ball it to 600 a day of working full time on that one issue. This is to take in to account, cost of living and taxes. Now factor in that you'd want a constant stream of work and the risk that you'll actually be paid for your work.

Are you willing to pay 600 a day on a feature? :) Are you able this person for a week, because I don't think people are willing to work on just 1 feature, but something that will fill their time and pay their bills. So, again, 3000 up front for a week's worth of work because no one is just going to work for a day.
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