Object paging / distant lands

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Object paging / distant lands

Post by LoneWolf »

Although I've been playing with git master for some time already , I was hesitant to enable object paging .

About 2 weeks ago I enabled it and slowly got used to seeing further, today I increased view distance from 2 cells to 3 and 4 cells .

I can now see the ghostfence from ald'ruhn , Ashalmawia from Arkngthunch-Sturdumz and Tel Fyr from Wolverine Hall .

Vardenfell no longer feels huge and empty, but alive and realistic .
Devs , thank you.
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Re: Object paging / distant lands

Post by psi29a »


You're welcome!
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Re: Object paging / distant lands

Post by Muehe »

Reinstalled MW just to check out the object paging when I read the news. It's amazing!

Can set to 20 cells and fly around the whole island in minutes with stable frames and barely a lag in sight on somewhat dated GPU (GTX 980). 25 is pushing it, 30 is a lag fest. But 20 is amazingly stable, and being above the centre you can see nearly the whole map.

Kudos! Love it! Time to download mods again. :D
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Re: Object paging / distant lands

Post by dwcoates1 »

I set to 40 and `player->setacrobatics 3500` in console to jump around the island
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