Automate or Expedite Normal Map Conversion

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Automate or Expedite Normal Map Conversion

Post by Magicaldave » 27 Nov 2019, 17:33

Hey guys, I made a big long post here thinking I might have found something not mentioned in Lysol's Normal Map guide but as I was putting it all together I realized I was only doing half of what was required, causing weird issues with Environment Maps left over in Mesh files.

SO instead: I have hundreds of meshes I need to convert in preparation to (re)launch a TES3MP server for myself and friends. It's a slow and arduous process. What is the quickest way to do it, and are there any tools that help to automate the process? At this point I'm just doing a TON of clicking around in Explorer + NifSkope.

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Re: Automate or Expedite Normal Map Conversion

Post by AnyOldName3 » 27 Nov 2019, 22:28

There are at least two Python scripts that do it automatically floating around the internet. I don't have links.
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Re: Automate or Expedite Normal Map Conversion

Post by bmw » 02 Dec 2019, 23:44

Here's the link to one of the scripts: ... b8f93cc07a
Be advised that pyffi (required by the script) is broken on python 3.7 and newer at the moment.

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