Are these known issues? (NPCs/Companions)

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Are these known issues? (NPCs/Companions)

Post by Tenpoletudor » 10 Jul 2019, 15:15

I'm using:
Patch for Purists-45096-3-0-5-1548880131
OpenMW 0.46.0 nightly revision f0640cbb21

and have encountered some re-occurring issues:

(1) Silt Strider people/Boat captains sometimes fall of their platforms/boats. Once they've fallen, they stay fallen.
(2) I've seen NPCs sticking out of walls and doors. They are half-inside and half-outside.
(3) Some companions won't cross bridges. They try to go the long way round swimming through the water instead.
(4) Companion path-finding is poor, leaving them stuck or falling to their deaths. Especially when they need to make a small jump up a step to follow you.
(5) Companions and NPCs can completely block off paths and not move, leaving no way for you to get past.

Are these known issues? I tried searching for them. If so, could you point me to the relevant bug numbers? Or should I raise any of them? (I've checked with PfP and apparently none of these are PfP issues).

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Re: Are these known issues? (NPCs/Companions)

Post by AnyOldName3 » 10 Jul 2019, 16:31

(1) is caused because the idle animations for these NPCs don't end in the same place they started, so they gradually work their way towards the edge of the platforms they stand on, then they can't get back up because they weren't expecting to have moved. I was under the impression that fixed animations were part of the patch for purists.
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Re: Are these known issues? (NPCs/Companions)

Post by Tenpoletudor » 10 Jul 2019, 19:17

FYI Issue#1 further discussed on PfP nexusmods ( ... ?tab=posts ):

"This is a bug in OpenMW where NPCs spawn a level below. It is not related to the idle animation displacing NPCs over time."

"This is a vanilla bug. This should be fixed by the animation files in the patch (xbase_anim.kf, xbase_anim_female.kf). I suspected the fix doesn't work because of how OpenMW handles animations."

"Maybe this known OpenMW bug? The last post in the bug thread cites exactly your issue."

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Re: Are these known issues? (NPCs/Companions)

Post by Jemolk » 10 Jul 2019, 19:44

1) AnyOldName is correct. You'll need to replace idle animations with fixed ones to solve that. Modder Greatness7 made some fixed ones, but never uploaded them himself as far as I'm aware. Someone else did us the favor, though, if the version in PfP isn't working for you. Available here.

Okay, apparently we misunderstood. Thanks for the correction. 4709 in particular looks really serious.

2) That is very odd. Probably related to collision meshes on one or both, but bears further investigating.

3) Pathfinding in Morrowind has been an issue since forever. But since this is on the nightlies, I suppose RecastNavigation is in use? If so, not sure what to say. May be an issue with specific companions' AI, or having too many companions for them to all think they can use the bridge if you have several at once, or may be an issue with how the bridges interact with navmesh generation. This is more a question for devs, and they'll probably need more specific information to cleanly track down the problems.

4) AI doesn't jump. No, seriously, the AI can't actually jump. It's a colossal mess. Major issue. Needs to be dealt with. Present in vanilla as well, though.

5) This happens in vanilla all the time. So much so, that there are multiple mods around to fix the problem, such as by creating dialogue topics to make them move. For example, this one on Mod History.

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Re: Are these known issues? (NPCs/Companions)

Post by Capostrophic » 12 Jul 2019, 10:45

1. Strictly speaking this is intentional, because otherwise certain door marker spawnpoints are broken when the position of the player is adjusted. However somehow Morrowind uses an *infinite downward ray* in the same situation (we use 8192 ray distance right now, 500 in 0.44.0 and earlier) yet the NPCs don't clip through stuff. Might be related to the fact that one-sided collision doesn't work properly in OpenMW yet and the ray should go through the other side of the collision shape instead, and said ray should never start at the base of the actor.
2. shrug. Just door mesh weirdness combined with the AI not being too good at avoiding doors.
3. shrug. Try to use togglenavmeshes and see if the bridge is a part of the navmesh. There's probably a good reason for not crossing it.
4. Actors can't jump.
5. As intended before 1.0.

Won't say that any of these warrant filing an issue.

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