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Re: OpenMW YouTube videos

Post by Jemolk » 01 Apr 2019, 20:16

AnyOldName3 wrote:
01 Apr 2019, 00:10
Jemolk wrote:
31 Mar 2019, 18:47
AnyOldName3 wrote:
31 Mar 2019, 14:28
Normal maps made with MindTex are derivative works of the original textures, so from a copyright standpoint, the Nexus is doing the legally safe thing by stopping the upload when you don't have the original texture creator's permission.
Even when the originals are both needed and not included? Oh, goodie. Copyright law needs to be updated. And in the exact opposite direction corporate idiots are inclined to update it. It needs to be less cripplingly restrictive.
While I agree that copyright law isn't fit for either modern society or even its original intended purpose, I'm pretty sure it would be hard to come up with a rule that would allow this kind of normal map, but disallow similar, but bad things. One such example would be running every frame of a silent movie through MindTex. It would obviously be worse than watching the actual film, and you could argue that it was intended to be used with some fancy VLC plugin to add some kind of effect while watching a legitimate copy of the film, but you could still watch the normal maps instead of the film if you didn't want to pay and you were allowed to upload normal maps of things.
...Interesting. Hmm. Well, I have to admit, despite this, I see little issue with that. Piracy is primarily a service problem anyway, and I'm not exactly pro-capitalism in general. But I can see why it would be seen as undesirable and why others might have problems with it. How unfortunate. I think a rule could still be devised, but you're right, it would be a lot harder than I was initially thinking.

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