An Open Letter to the OpenMW devs

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Re: An Open Letter to the OpenMW devs

Post by ArashiAganawa » 14 Feb 2019, 17:31

Jemolk wrote:
14 Feb 2019, 02:26
ArashiAganawa wrote:
13 Feb 2019, 23:39
When it comes down to it, it's an open source engine, so if there's something you want that no one is willing to add, you might want to pick up some coding skills (if you have the time) and make it a reality. That, or ask someone else who can do that.
Oh, I know, and I really want to. I just don't have nearly as much time as I feel like I'd need at the moment to pick up the skills. That, and I'm too stressed. Well, that, and I don't tend to feel comfortable making requests.
It might be possible that some free lance coders looking for practice might be willing to pitch in and add certain things while not being as dedicated to the project as the whole team, and that might be a good thing to reach out to them about. One thing I'd like to work on, once wedding plans and all are done and honeymoon is over, is learning C++ hardcore to work on distant statics. For that, I plan on taking apart MGE/XE and going from there to figure out how it could be done with little to no performance hit. I figure, focus on one thing, and maybe I'll learn a bit along the way. Not sure what all is involved in that, but I'm more than willing to learn and take the time it requires to get there. As I tend to be a fast learner, who knows what will happen.

Out of curiosity, which features are you most eager about?
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Re: An Open Letter to the OpenMW devs

Post by Jemolk » 14 Feb 2019, 21:53

ArashiAganawa wrote:
14 Feb 2019, 17:31
Out of curiosity, which features are you most eager about?
Of the ones that are already expected, LUA support. Definitely LUA support. That's the single biggest one. Right now, I'm actually fairly certain that the things I was thinking wouldn't be able to be managed involved mistakes on my part, and more accurately would simply require sufficiently different implementation from vanilla plus its support programs like MWSE and MGE that it'd be noticeable by the end user.

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