Application: Roncon

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Application: Roncon

Post by Roncon » 24 Jan 2019, 01:32

Hey, guys.

Looking to help out with the project. I'm a programmer with experience using a few game engines. I am familiar with the C family of languages and will not have much trouble reading the code. I am more concerned with understanding the architecture of the engine and where to find things but I've learned not to get overwhelmed by looking at the whole thing and rather just focus on the smaller parts.

I do not have any experience with any of the third-party libraries and tools found here.

I am also not very experienced with the engines of any TES game or the format of the files they use.

I am total beginner when it comes to this engine and its components, but with a little bit of effort and a decent debugger I can definitely start grasping the different parts and start putting them together. Please feel free to ask any questions about me you might have, and I hope to be able to contribute to the project!

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Re: Application: Roncon

Post by psi29a » 24 Jan 2019, 09:57

Welcome aboard and my advice is to start small, look for small tasks... even if not in the engine itself, but in openmw-cs (which needs lots of love right now).

First step is make sure you have a reproducible build environment.

We have different documentation per OS, we can help you where and when we can in getting you setup. :)

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