[WIP] Android port testing

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Re: [WIP] Android port testing

Post by spades09 »

Works great on my Galaxy S6. Rarely dropping below 15 fps for me. When do you think we'll be able to customize the on screen controls?
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Re: [WIP] Android port testing

Post by psi29a »

It would be great if when entering in the data-files path that you can enter it visually instead of having to type it in. This would prevent a lot of trial and error and guess work as to the real path of your sdcard. :) (Pretty Please)

BTW: Runs fine (no crashes) on Huawei P10 (Android 7)
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Re: [WIP] Android port testing

Post by Kato12345 »

I am having no problems with it! I am running it on a ZTE N9560 with android 7.1.1 (Nougat). I am very impressed with this, especially at how it rarely even drops below 15 frames even on a mobile device! I have some questions for you, if you'd be so kind as to answer them.

1) I am imagining all the interfaces and dialogue scaled way up in the future, and the user being able to click on things that would be clickable with a mouse, by tapping it with your fingers. How possible is this?
1b)How would the hover-over descriptions of items work if a tap-to-click feature was implemented?

2) Is it possible to remake the GUI for shopping and containers and such to something like Terraria? For example, you click on a container and the container's GUI box pops up, filling the screen, with the icons of what is in the container clearly visible. You click items and select the amount, and the items then disappear. Then you click a tab, and it shows you your inventory menu. You decide to put something into the container, so you click on it, select the amount, and it goes into the container without you having to drop it in. That's a bit long winded, but basically my question is, is it plausible that users will be able to switch between Inventory/Barter/Container Menus with a button click in future releases of your app?

3) Is it possible to have the buttons displayed change depending on what state Morrowind is in? I am imagining an inventory menu where you click different buttons to switch between stats/inventory/magic/map, but that the buttons are only visible when the inventory is open.

4)Are you planning on gamepad support?

5)This only exists so that this small list doesn't end on an unsatisfactory number such as four... Anyways, I love the game! It's very impressive how you got it to work, and almost never fall below fifteen frames! My computer falls below nine when I am in an exterior cell. Thanks for reading this!

Oh, I just remembered a slight problem! When you are creating a custom class, or typing your name, there is no way to backspace anything once you have put it in. That's why my character's class is AdventurerMagician Magician, haha! Unless there is some way to backspace and I just don't know!
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Re: [WIP] Android port testing

Post by Mediacomm »

Is there any possible way to get esp. files activated through the command line? I'm very curious whether or not this works with more simple mods. I have currently tested it with texture mods and they do seem to work as long as it's loose files.
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Re: [WIP] Android port testing

Post by krupepe55 »

If you read my previous post, check this out. I notice that viewing distance (fog) affect water surface, so if I set longer distance 26666 from default 6666, water is no longer bugged by fog. On the other hand if I load a cell up to 2 or 3 its not performance fps friendly. So I hope it could be figured out in future updates somehow :).
On first gif 6666, second one 26666,
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Re: [WIP] Android port testing

Post by scrawl »

The issue with the water is caused by the large faces of the water surface messing with per-vertex fog. It's worked around here by applying a shader so that fog is always per pixel, but for some reason the previous android port developer #if'd out that part. https://github.com/OpenMW/openmw/blob/m ... r.cpp#L504
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Re: [WIP] Android port testing

Post by icecream95 »

icecream95 wrote: 03 Feb 2018, 08:37 Can't get it working on my Chromebook (veyron_speedy) (using chromeos-apk).

With both GLESv1 and GLESv2, this crashes with

Code: Select all

Failed to create SDL window: Could not create GLES window surface
I think this is a bug in Chrome, as I used to be able to run 3DMark but it now crashes.
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Re: [WIP] Android port testing

Post by Enisari »

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Re: [WIP] Android port testing

Post by Motawa »

I can only get to the ship(the very beginning) but I can't talk to anybody to progress any further. The guard is not talking. He is just looking at me
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Re: [WIP] Android port testing

Post by Raziel »

I just managed to run it on my Highscreen Boost 2 SE. It is not very powerful device, as it has Snapdragon 400 with Adreno 305 graphics. But if I set view distance to minimum, it runs not bad. So far I have only tested it in Balmora.

However, I have two main problems.

1. I have Russian version of Morrowind and I have problems with encoding. I set it to 1251 which should work for cyrillic fonts, but it did not. I also tried to use 1250 and 1252 encodings but absolutely nothing changed.

2. I have Defender Mobile Master game controller and I failed to get it to work with OpenMW. Should I somehow remap its buttons?

Sorry for my bad English.
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