Idea: Dev blurbs

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Idea: Dev blurbs

Post by lgromanowski » 22 Aug 2011, 19:04

raevol wrote: An idea for you guys:

I absolutely love it when in-development games have development blogs. I love getting inside the minds of the people responsible for the games I play, and I love getting a peak into the process that resulted in said games.

OpenMW isn't exactly suited for a traditional dev blog, being an engine reimplementation as well as an open-source project. But what would work is if we got "blurbs" from the devs as they code.

A blurb could be as simple as:
worked on getting npc feet rendered today, i must say things are hopping right along, love- jDoeDev
Or as complex as:
Hello Dear Reader,

Invested some time into OpenMW's foot rendering system today. Utilizing x, y, and z components of Some Nifty Subsystem as well as my extensive knowledge of This Ridiculous Programming Technique, I was able to get feet to look as such:

[ridonculous image]

Warmest Regards,
John Doe Developer
These little posts would be perfect to display as frequent news items on the main page to give the project a visible pulse. No one would be obligated to do these ever, but seeing as they are just tweet-sized bits of news, they could be fun and engaging for everyone.

Thoughts? I know twitter and social networking and all that junk aren't hot topics around here, but this is a simple and easy way to breathe life into this project, and would be very engaging for people anticipating releases. Plus Zini already sold out and started using his twitter, so we already have a place to start.

Speaking of your twitter Zini, could we get that on the main Wiki page somehow? Or would that require creating a "real" website?
Zini wrote:
Speaking of your twitter Zini, could we get that on the main Wiki page somehow?
I see no problem with that.
chewit wrote: Could setup a simple WordPress blog to support that, just attach it off from the main site at

Should only take less than 5 mins to install, does anyone have admin rights to the webserver, or is it only Nico who does.
Zini wrote: The person to talk to about admin rights is Lordrea. But I am not sure, if I can follow you here. I already have a twitter account, that can be linked from the wiki. For real time activity reports this is good enough. sir_herrbatka does weekly forum update postings, that are kinda blog-like. Beyond that we don't really have anything to post on a blog and I am not sure what we would win by branching out into another web-presence.
Lordrea wrote: Agreeing with Zini. We've got the RSS feed, Announcements forum, and wiki. We went for those over a site a while back.

But if there's a shift in this topic and it's deemed important, I'll happily install Wordpress and hook it all up (which takes more than 5 minutes, by the by, to make sure that the forum/wiki user accounts/permissions carry over to the blog).
raevol wrote: I don't think we need a Wordpress, yet. Seems overkill at this stage.

But can RSS feeds be dynamically updated on the wiki? Or would someone have to manually edit the page every time Zini tweets?
Star-Demon wrote: Minor threadnomancy, but I'm considering taking up this idea.

A blog gives me opportunity to get feedback for topics and issues I can't really get elsewhere, as well as gives a picture for users and peers into what people do and go through to actually make a substantially large game.

So, look forward to me registering up on some kind of site, once I ritualistically Gaes myself into not talking about Ken Flowcharts and Anime just because they are prevalent in videogames. (least of all OpenMW, a major topic for my blog)

I need a name for it...I guess...
Star-Demon wrote: Well, I'll be the first to give it a shot. Here ya go.
best regards,