water related issues

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water related issues

Post by lgromanowski » 17 Aug 2011, 18:52

sir_herrbatka wrote: hi all,

ok, there was some suggestions made about creating new water system. I guess that it will end at possibility of creating scalable water boxes. But... what next?

I was wondering if it could be possible to create different shader for flowing water? Water box can be placed with some grade and we may presume that it will flow down ;-)

Than, in the future we may also add some physics to it and have force that can move floating objects or slow down character moving upstream.

And step by step add other features...

But is it possible or is it just my imagination?
pogzy wrote: Hi,

It seems that there are some possibilities using Ogre3D witch is the current OpenMW 3d engine. Search for Ogre3D+water in google and you will find many videos, such as the ones using Hydrax which is an Ogre3D plug-in.

My perception of water implementation is that there many possibilities, the real questions are :
- What are the key features related to water and physic we want to include?
- How much time we will dedicate to the above points versus other key features of OpenMW, some things that a rough Roadmap should help to manage.

Water as it is done in Morrowind could be a first step. Then allowing some physics for cascade, floating objects etc. should be nice, we should list the wanted features.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=USTdmxOn ... re=related
sir_herrbatka wrote: Good questions.

I see it this way: let's start with visual aspects and some kind of logic. We know that we surely will need something that will simply tell us how fast water is flowing. Next; it would be handy to have some kind of water interpolation system (LOL, something that will smoothly join two or more water boxes in to one).

And then - other things?

I'm not sure what hydratex is (besides that it looks cool).
Vance987 wrote: Keep in mind though. LAG. There should always be the option to turn off water ripples, reflections, waves, luminosity, gravity, etc. Whatever is new to the water, don't forget to make an on and off switch to it.
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