Dead links on wiki (; forum email went to Spam

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Dead links on wiki (; forum email went to Spam

Post by yaomtc »

I just registered to post about an issue I found, but saw that the initial email from this forum to activate my account went to Spam. ProtonMail says:
This email has failed its domain's authentication requirements. It may be spoofed or improperly forwarded. Learn more
The original issue was that the wiki, in its lists of mods, often links to, which is a dead link. Connections consistently time out. See most of the links on this page starting with "Compass": ... rface_Mods
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Re: Dead links on wiki (; forum email went to Spam

Post by AnyOldName3 »

We've had issues with emails before, but never anything we had any hopes of diagnosing, so this is the first actual lead we've got. Hopefully it'll point us in the right direction.

As for the wiki, it's far from just the links on that page that are out of date. Much of the wiki goes unmaintained. It'd take a lot of time to update all the links and retest all the mentioned mods, and it needs someone to volunteer to do so if it's going to get done. Being a wiki, though, it's possible for other people to update it, not just core team members, although I don't remember precisely how you register a wiki account as it's needed to change a few times over the last couple of years.
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