Enchant Value Fixes? Ebony Scim = best weapon?

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Enchant Value Fixes? Ebony Scim = best weapon?

Post by ForkOfHorripilation »

So I found out that OpenMW nerfed many enchant values of items. For example Ebony Staff went from 90 to 9.

Also I found other items on the wiki, which tell the 10x value of what I now have in my OpenMW. This makes me believe that probably this high value was a bug by the developers and OpenMW sets it back to the (probably) desired value, as now these values would fit in the regular row of "Better-Material=Better-Enchantvalue".

For example take a look at Bonemold Longbow. The original value is 40. But it's worse material (steel) is 3.5 while its better material (daedric) is 10.5.

So if the bow would be 4 instead of 40, it would perfectly match between 3.5 and 10. So probably a developer bug that OpenMW now fixed.

On the other hand I can read many "Best Weapon in Morrowind" lists, with weapons like Skullcrusher and Goldbrand etc. ... but then only some say that you can create a MUCH MUCH better weapon by using Ebony Staff. It has an Enchant Value of 90 so you can make

- soul trap 1 second
- weakness to magicka 100 % for 1 second
- absorb health 100 pt for 1 second

And instant kill every normal enemy.

I got the staff and now found out that it was also nerfed. Yes 90 seems a little ridiculous and if you follow the other weapons:

Ebony Short Sword = 8
Ebony Long Sword = 12

Then it is probably just ANOTHER bug with Ebony Staff = 90 as it makes more sense to be

Ebony Staff = 9

So I was a little sad, because it means I cannot make a (nearly guaranteed) one-hit weapon and would just stick with the regular weapons instead.

But now I found out that Ebony Scimitar STILL has the 90 Enchant Value and not (what would fit with all other Ebony Weapons) a value of 9.

So I went to the game, Player->additem "Ebony Scimitar" 1 and then just did the same enchantment as listed above. Now I have a weapon that will still kill everybody with 1 hit.

Is this intended or a bug that was overseen?

I actually like it!

But I reloaded and did not cheat it, will only create it once I am done with main quest and play Tribunal where I can get it legitimately.

THX for any insights and do you know other funny enchantments which I can do on the Ebony Scimitar?
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Re: Enchant Value Fixes? Ebony Scim = best weapon?

Post by S3ctor »

Well, you have a few things going on here.

First, I'd like to describe the part OpenMW actually does change here, because I think there may be some confusion. Openmw does change soul gem values, but it does so optionally, and this affects the gold values of filled soul gems as opposed to having anything to do with their enchanting power.

The enchantment capacity of weapons is 10% of their actual enchantment value, as you've kind of described here. Take a look at the staves from the base game here. The numbers reported on UESP are already scaled down though. If you view the ebony staff in either construction set or some other way, the actual value there is 900. The ebony staff actually has 900 for its enchant value in the base game's content files, and openmw doesn't touch those for the most part. Other weapons work much the same way, eg the ebony shortsword is 80 enchant and the long is 120. The ebony weapons, at least, are working precisely as they do in the vanilla game.

As for why you're encountering this in your game then, there's something going on with your load order. The ebony scimitar in particular is added by Tribunal.esm and not morrowind, so perhaps you're using an older mod that only affects the original game, or there's another mod conflict happening.

In any case, try disabling your mods and observe the enchant values. The ebony swords you've described here are at their vanilla levels, along with the scimitar. Everything else however does appear to actually be 10% of what it should be, eg the bonemold longbow has enchant 400, so its actual usable value in the base game for enchantments should be 40.
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Re: Enchant Value Fixes? Ebony Scim = best weapon?

Post by LoneWolf »

Now I have a weapon that will still kill everybody with 1 hit.
Not everyone, try killing king helseth .

Also keep in mind you can't buy that ebony scimitar, but have to defeat a high ordinator guard in mournhold to get an unenchanted version .
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