prebuilt binary of OpenMW 0.48 for x86_64 BLFS 11.3 system

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prebuilt binary of OpenMW 0.48 for x86_64 BLFS 11.3 system

Post by krogg »

Previously in my old BLFS 11.2 system, I'd compiled 0.47 and that ended up not working. Tracing the error was inconclusive and I lost interest.

I finally decided to try out version 0.48 of OpenMW in my Beyond Linux From Scratch 11.3 system, but with the variant of using one of the official pre-built binaries.

I went to the site and it linked to the downloads page. Great. Windows, nope. Ubuntu, nope. Debian, arch, gentoo, nope. Needed a generic, not a flatpak. Flatpak never seem to work in BLFS: unmentioned dependencies, I'd guess. Generic, yeah, a generic static binary. I remember those did exist for 0.47.

There were two options, download from GitHub, with a helpful annotation, "available at the end of the changelog," and a download from site file repository link.

Since github is the Rube Goldberg cesspool of the Internet, with all the ease & flow of a visit to the Department of Motor Vehicles on a Friday afternoon, I decided to try the site file repository. Within that, there was a Linux directory. Great! Inside of that, two directories, generic and Ubuntu. I followed the link to generic. The newest file there is version 0.47 and is dated October of 2021. Oopsie woopsie.

So, off to the DMV, err, github link.

Scroll ... scroll ... scroll. OK, there's the changelog part. Keep going. Last entry of the changelog, from wazabear, "[#6161, #6162] Sky and GUI can now be rendered using shaders."

Below that, a little triangle, the word "assets" and a number six.

Under that, a small animated spinning circle. Clicking on the triangle, Assets or the little 6 makes the spinning circle hide or show.

Under that, some numbers: 21, 21, 41, 21 and "76 people reacted."

And that's the very bottom of that web page. Nothing more.

Hmm, what's missing from this picture?

OK, I give up, you win. Good job. Where'd you hide it? :D
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Re: prebuilt binary of OpenMW 0.48 for x86_64 BLFS 11.3 system

Post by K1ll »

Not sure why you only get the spinning loading circles on Github. Maybe some javascript blocker? Anyway here is a direct link to the download on github: ... Bit.tar.gz

Seems like 0.48.0 was not uploaded to the site file repository at all. I don't know why that is either.
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Re: prebuilt binary of OpenMW 0.48 for x86_64 BLFS 11.3 system

Post by psi29a »

I'll try to fix this soon.
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