Launcher VFS viewer

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Launcher VFS viewer

Post by isineev »

As I can judge, regularly, users have problems one way or another related to VFS. For example, when the engine can't find certain resources, or uses unexpected for user.

All of these problems in case when using multiple mods are used that supply the same resources (mesh, textures, sounds, etc.)
  • In vanilla engine, it is possible only with using several bsa archives. When you use resources in uncompressed form, your have only one path: game directory "Data Files" and file system limitations and rules. File with same name will be rewrite on file system.
  • OpenMW offers a multi-directory approach, which I like better, but the same problem remains: there is no way to know if the engine will use specific files or not.
To understand will engine use concrete file, you need to know:
  • How OpenMW handles files (how VFS works)
  • What resources each mod provides
I get this problem a few months ago after installing about 100 resource mods . So I got the idea to make VFS-view in launcher as a file (resources) tree with mark, does engine will use a specific file or not. And only recently I have time for this.

data="D:/Games/Morrowind/Data Files"


What do you think, it might be useful to someone besides me?
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Re: Launcher VFS viewer

Post by akortunov »

With current design, VFS has only used entries and does not keep info about unused ones.
isineev wrote: 02 Feb 2023, 04:17 I get this problem a few months ago after installing about 100 resource mods .
With 100 resources folder this view will be quite cluttered.

Also personally I do not like an idea to integrate analyzers to the launcher - it's responsibility is to setup and launch a game, nothing more.
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Re: Launcher VFS viewer

Post by AnyOldName3 »

It might be enough to just have a tree view of the VFS that only shows what's in the VFS, and the real path on disk (like you'd get with ori). That's doable with the current VFS architecture and would be less cluttered as you don't end up with many versions of each file.
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