OpenMW Roadmap Update

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Re: OpenMW Roadmap Update

Post by redsteakraw »

Amenophis wrote: 01 Apr 2022, 20:18 OpenBaldurs when???
It actually is a thing it is called GemRB it can play all of the Infinity Engine games from Baldurs Gate 1 to Plane Scape torment. It has been in Active development since before Morrowind was even released.
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Re: OpenMW Roadmap Update

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I think a majority of people know this already. This is a just an April Fools joke and one here is serious.

That being said, initial code commit (not just structure) was 15 Oct 2003, so about a year after Morrowind's release... ... 9b56b69864

still a valid point though, about as old. :D
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Re: OpenMW Roadmap Update

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damn i've been neglecting the site, i was confused for a good long moments
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Re: OpenMW Roadmap Update

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Damm! I read this 5 months ago and was so disappointed, I even stopped playing Morrowind (till today). So glad this was a joke, keep up the wonderful work guys! Next April you could shift your focus to just mod Skyrim instead.
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Re: OpenMW Roadmap Update

Post by ajira2 »

Actually not looks bad. Indeed, it looks great. What would I need to start a new game from scratch using that camera and my own assets (or free3d models) and OpenMW engine?

Gem engine seems 2d-3d not fully 3d like OpenMW.


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