[wiki] Development Environment Setup - minor issues

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[wiki] Development Environment Setup - minor issues

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I can't find a forum section related to openmw wiki, general devlopment looks to best fit for this topic.

https://wiki.openmw.org/index.php?title ... ment_Setup

- boost is not mentioned in Third-Party Libraries and Tools .
It is mentioned in some commands in sections like , linux > install dependencies > Debian and Ubuntu > Packages but that is all.

- Unshield appears to be forgotten also, and i'm almost certain without it you loose certain functionality in the launcher.

- s3tc compression
Mesa 17.3.0 from dec 2017 was the first version with st3c support built-in .
Every later version should have it without needing an external program .

One way to determine if a linux system supports it is to run

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$ glxinfo | grep s3tc
and check the output.
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