Total Conversion Idea

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Total Conversion Idea

Post by dukefloss »

Recently I played and completed the 3 main campaigns of Morrowind for the first time in something like 15 years - thanks to OpenMW.

I also very recently played through Deathloop and loved
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While playing through Morrowind this time, and being much more focused on the lore of Morrowind - I couldn't help but wonder what it might look like a 700 or 800 years in the future, filtered through the lens of a 1960s or 70s stylized setting.

I modded Morrowind quite a bit at release - and even released a somewhat medium sized landscape mod as part of a high school project (it's exactly how it sounds, not great - but I had a lot of fun making it).

To be honest, I don't really think I would have the time to finish something like what I am about to describe as I am knee deep in my bands 7th official album, and that is kind of where all my time goes. But I just want to know if this is something that the community would be even interested in - I am kind of hoping that some more experienced modders might read this post at sometime and get inspired to do something with this concept.

My thought is something like:

- A re-imagined Vvardenfell in a 60s stylized image with some analogs to our realm - some screens, security alarms, more modern looking containers, furniture, etc. with technology being mostly dwemer iterated. This would be of course non-canonical so while it would need to remain aesthetically lore friendly, it wouldn't need to be exactly lore accurate (I'd change Skyrim's event of having the Ministry of Truth setting off a chain reaction, to just destroying the city of Vivec which could be turned into a cool large scale ruin dungeon of sorts)

- Use the base island of Vvardenfell as a jumping off point to iterate the game world into the future, who cares about Solstheim and Mournhold just focus on the weirdness of Vvardenfell being updated to the new aesthetic with a new questline.

- Because the Elder Scrolls is still a magical realm, I like the thought of weapons remaining mainly melee and bow based with just the aesthetics being made to match the newer world (while a few unique weapons making a return in a much more relic'd condition).

- I think the base gameplay of Morrowind would really match this new setting aesthetic and I think the dialog system could be really worked to create an interesting detective story. When I revisited Morrowind this time, I thought the reading was going to put me off but I came away thinking that it was more involving and interesting than listening to someone babble on (I was able to read at my own pace without feeling guilty about skipping the voice acting content). I think that the dialog could be written with descriptive sentences - almost like a novel, it could create even more atmospheric scenes as you interact with key NPCs.

- Setting it in analog of the 60s could really allow for a deep dive into the modern Skooma trade with a focus on some of the deeper spiritual ideology that Morrowind's lore describes.

- I would really be interested to hear how the soundtrack would sound iterated through the lens of late 60s.

Anyways, just wanted to say thanks to community and OpenMW for keeping Morrowind alive all these years - it was really fun to have had the chance to play through Morrowind with no issues (especially for how much I modded it following the Total Overhaul guide)... and though likely nothing will come from this idea, I am just grateful to let it out into the ether in case it ever did come to materialize.
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