Void Linux 64bit, OpenMW 0.47.0_1 - some pink textures

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Re: Void Linux 64bit, OpenMW 0.47.0_1 - some pink textures

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There are still some minor performance improvements, although it's mostly just that the default values for some of the CMake config has changed. There's also the fact that OSG 3.4.1 is ancient now and missing a bunch of stuff (a big thing is support for some rarer TGA variants) and there's no OSG 3.6.x release that doesn't have regressions that affect OpenMW, so you need a tip-of-tree build. We only move commits from the upstream 3.6 branch to ours once we've verified they don't break stuff, so it's a little safer to use our fork than living on the bleeding edge.
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