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Other games

Post by jax45321 » 31 Jan 2020, 06:41

I couldn't find it in any other forum posts, but it might still have been answered. Can OpenMW run games other than Morrowind? There are other games built on the same engine and since this new engine can run Morrowind can it run other NetImmerse games?

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Re: Other games

Post by akortunov » 31 Jan 2020, 09:23

jax45321 wrote:
31 Jan 2020, 06:41
Can OpenMW run games other than Morrowind?
No. NetImmerse is just a graphics subsytem, and different versions of this subsystem are not compatible with each other. Also there are other things for other games that should be implemented to support them (GUI, physics, game mechanics, AI, etc.), so it is outside of scope of OpenMW project.

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Re: Other games

Post by Capostrophic » 31 Jan 2020, 16:26

However, there are still plans to officially support later TES games. Though it'll take a while to get to that point.

As you can guess, akortunov doesn't believe it's worth the trouble.

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