I own MW but can I download with no PC???

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I own MW but can I download with no PC???

Post by josephbarness » 04 Nov 2019, 21:04

I own Morrowind on Steam. As in I already am a legal Morrowind owner. I have no computer of my own though. I am not a tech savvy person, I was not tech savvy enough to run Windows Steam on Wine. [I have an Android S6 but my computer died over a year ago.]

Question: Should I consider buying Morrowind on GOG? Could I download it directly to my phone without requiring a computer if I had GOG Morrowind?

Thanks in advance if anyone has any advice.

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Re: I own MW but can I download with no PC???

Post by Jodiwe » 04 Nov 2019, 21:48

Now that does seem like quite a nice challenge. I'm sure it's at least possible, as it's been done on the Raspberry Pi.

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I'm still going to look into how to run steamcmd through Qemu on Android, but it may not be easy to reproduce.

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Re: I own MW but can I download with no PC???

Post by Jemolk » 15 Nov 2019, 06:42

That might indeed be difficult to do with Steam. Steamcmd is a thing, but it may not be the easiest to run on Android, based on what Jodiwe said above me. I have no idea what to do about that, I haven't dealt with Steam in ages honestly.

I do know, though, the GOG offline installers can be downloaded to anything with internet access and a place to store them, so that should work. You'll need something to extract the files from the installer, though. A quick web search shows an application called Inno Setup Extractor is available on Android, and it should work, since it uses the same thing I used to extract the files from those exact installers on Linux Mint.

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