Main Page Revamp 2.0

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Main Page Revamp 2.0

Post by lgromanowski » 22 Aug 2011, 19:37

Zini wrote: I think it is about time, that we give the main page another revamp (content only, the layout is good).

The "Development" column is becoming a bit too long. I will try to shorten it without losing anything important.

Also, I would like to add the link to the known issues in the issue tracker to the "Getting Started" section.

Mantis gave me this perma-link: ... everity_id[]=20&severity_id[]=50&severity_id[]=60&severity_id[]=70&severity_id[]=80&sticky_issues=off&sortby=severity&dir=DESC&hide_status_id=-2
However the wiki doesn't seem to like it. Could someone more knowledgeable with mediawiki than me try to wikify it, please?
Zini wrote: Nope. Different filter settings. Currently both pages show the same issues, but if we merge in the roadmap things will look different.
Lordrea wrote: Hrm. They show up as the same to me.

Anywho, will point correctly.

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   header( "Location:[]=20&severity_id[]=50&severity_id[]=60&severity_id[]=70&severity_id[]=80&sticky_issues=off&sortby=severity&dir=DESC&hide_status_id=-2" );
Zini wrote: Yeah, that looks right. Will add the link to the wiki. Thanks!
Zini wrote: Done.
EmbraceUnity wrote: I made a change to the homepage because I really liked having the Roadmap on there. It actually made that middle section shorter too.

What do you think? Feel free to revert it.
Zini wrote: I did revert it. Sorry!

Two reasons:

1. Most of the links you moved to the new section are really development-specific and as such they belong to the development section.

2. The old roadmap is gone. We won't update it anymore. There is no point in linking it on the main page.
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