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Pixel Culling

Post by mojoswagger1980 » 25 Sep 2018, 18:28

been playing around with pixel culling and have gotten a nice little fps gain from it. IMPORTANT: Pixels are variable ! the amount of impact culoing will have is therefore variable. i changed my note 5 resolution from 2560x1440 to 960x540 using the command: wm size 540x960 and the density by using the command: wm density 240. root is required to do this on device but can be done unrooted from adb. unless you want a screwed up display you need to set it to 16:9 definition or play with wm overscan command (i couldnt figure out how the padding variable is supposed to be set, but i didnt mess with it very long). ok pixel culling, is the process of omitting pixels from finished rendering up to a certain size in pixels. from what i was able to find via a google search its on a scale of 0 to 40. by default its set at 2. i wanted to see the difference so i set at 40 . at first didnt look any different then a moving npc walked by me and i watched as he became just a floating torso as he walked away :). so 40 was extreme. i am currently running it at 15 and other than edge blur (is gone)i cant see too much difference in general play but my cell transition has greatly improved. particularly on preloaded cells, the transition is seamless. my fps would plummet momentarily on cell transition, but this has made it non-existant. i was wondering if anyone else had played with this setting and what there experience has been ?

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