Frequent crashing of servers?

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Frequent crashing of servers?

Post by lgromanowski » 22 Aug 2011, 18:50

Hircine wrote: do the servers go down(of the website) around this time or do they crash.
seems to be quite frequent.

any explanations?
Rhys wrote: I have never noticed to be not available. :?
Hircine wrote: how about now? its been down for like the last 3 hours >.<
Zini wrote: Agreed. The downtime is getting worse. We get the site for free, so we can't really demand anything. But I would still like to know if we have a problem and if we can hope that the situation will improve again.
Lordrea wrote: As mentioned on the mailing group, I'm working on the current instability of the server.

Worse case, I have to move hosts. In the last month or so it's been pretty bad.

And if that's not fast enough, we can always transfer the domain/forum/wiki to someone else's server.

We've never had a downtime that's lasted as long as today's, and hopefully it wont happen again.
Zini wrote: Is it only me or are we getting a lot more downtime and slow responses recently?
Star-Demon wrote: No, it's not just you, I've been getting a lot of slowdown. Our forum isn't THAT old to warrant this kind of behavior...
Lordrea wrote: I personally haven't noticed anything, though I only check the forums 10x or so times a week.

But I haven't heard any complaints from the other people I host on this box either. Will ask them if they've noticed any slowdown.

If you haven't been noticing downtime, please make your voice heard as well.

If you have, it'd be nice if you could mark down what times you are experiencing this on a little offline note, and post them when you've collected a couple.

Also, has this slowness been since the last few days, or has it been around for a couple of weeks?

That will all help me out a great deal.
Zini wrote: Only the last few days. Actually I don't remember any problems before yesterday, though I wasn't that much online this week, which means I probably missed some phases of downtime.
Zini wrote: Currently experiencing an extreme slowdown. Page loading takes about 1-2 minutes per page.
Lordrea wrote: Hm. Slow for me as well. 10-15 seconds.

Will see what I can do.
ap0 wrote: So far, no slowdown here o/
Zini wrote: Server just came up again, after several hours of downtime. Still somewhat slow ...
Lordrea wrote: Problem appears to be a few MySQL tables on the SQL server. They've been ignored and left to collect spam.

A lot of spam.

2.2 GB of spam.

Performance severely degrades when interacting with those tables with so large a size. Basically, a new spam post could cause huge instability.

I've cleaned up the database and will continue to keep a closer eye on it. This should fix the stability issues.
Zini wrote: Looks like it. Thanks!
raevol wrote:
Lordrea wrote:2.2 GB of spam.
Lordrea wrote:
raevol wrote:
Lordrea wrote:2.2 GB of spam.

Remember when we had our spam problems here? Well, apparently I had neglected my phpBB and IPB dev forums that weren't in live use. Both accumulated hundreds of spam posts a day. It seriously was 2.2 GB of Viagra advertisements and Russian nonsense.

Star-Demon wrote: You guys would be very surprised how much traffic is actually spam. On a simple email server for a small company (about 40 ppl), the company was getting TWENTY THOUSAND pieces of spam every few hours and were thinking of off-siting the email because of it. Of course, a simple "stop signing up for stuff on company email" policy would have handled a good deal of that.
Zini wrote: We seem to be getting slowdowns again. So far they were mostly minor (except for a few spikes). Coincidentally they started when the tracker was installed. I hope that really was coincidence.
gus wrote: There was some big slow down today, and i received one a error message complaining about the database.
Zini wrote: Confirmed. The server was actually not responding for several minutes.
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