Alchemy Research

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Alchemy Research

Post by lgromanowski » 21 Aug 2011, 22:42

Zini wrote: I just added some pieces of world model code, that should allow the implementation of the Alchemy skill. That could happen in 0.13.0, if we find volunteers for the tasks (GUI and game mechanics). But we still need to figure out how exactly alchemy is working.
I am not sure, if we have anything about alchemy in the wiki (if anyone remembers, I would be thankful for a statement here in this thread). Might be worth waiting for the wiki to come up again. Or maybe not. Any volunteers for researching alchemy?

Things we need to know:
- how effects (and strength of effects) of created potions are determined
- how weight, icon and name of created potions are determined
- chance of failure
- skill gain
Ivan wrote:
if anyone remembers
Google remembers. It still have at least half of the wiki cached.

If somebody need them - I have cached Formulae and Dev enviroment setup on Dropbox.
Development enviroment setup
Dropbox as http server... Ridiculous but better then nothing.
Zini wrote: Right. Thanks.

So it seems we have some data, but not nearly enough. Beyond my original request, we also need to figure out:

- the cost of created potions
- the effect of the other alchemy tools (we only have data for mortar and alembic)

Duration, which I had missed in my original request, seems to be covered.
sir_herrbatka wrote: calcinator increases all effects (duration and power) of mixture

Code: Select all

duration_with_calcinator = duration_without_calcinator * ( 1 + quality_of_calcinator)
retort increases the positive effects only.
the cost of created potions
Probably based on duration. Gonna check it.
sir_herrbatka wrote: The way morrowind calculates cost of created potions is just silly.

Code: Select all

duration = [(Alchemy + [(Intelligence + Luck) / 10]) / Cost] * quality_of_the_mortar

and the cost seems to be:

Code: Select all

[(Alchemy + [(Intelligence + Luck) / 10]) ] * quality_of_the_mortar - x
Where x is some kind of small value, based on something that should not be so hard to find. Actually I think that it can be just a plain constant "4" :roll:

It ignores if potion have more than one effect (or negative one), it dosen't care about other tools, and unlike I said it is not based on duration.
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