zerotenzero Demo movie thread

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zerotenzero Demo movie thread

Post by lgromanowski » 21 Aug 2011, 21:52

Star-Demon wrote: Okay - I'm getting my information together for the video so I can produce it quickly.

I was making a list of things on campus, but if there's things not on the milestones that work or been added please let me know.

Is there anything I should make sure NOT to do in the game? :P

Since Bullet is going to be huge - I want to show it off all our features well. Anything subtle I should point out or try?

Also - windows build ready? Link? I'll grab it as soon as a link appears.
Zini wrote: Yes, bullet is the main point. There are two aspects you should show:

- Walking on the ground with no-collision mode switched off (interior only, I suggest)

I guess you should mention, that this is not perfect yet (stairs-problems) and such.

- Improved activation

I remember the problems you had with the door in your last video. That should work properly now. Except when it doesn't (small items like coins). To be honest we should probably mention that it isn't perfect yet.

Obviously you should also mention, that we have an OS X build now. The rest is behind-the-scenes stuff, that is probably not worth mentioning.

Regarding what we are currently working on for the next version, I think you should mention these points:

- rendering performance optimisation
- terrain rendering
- the launcher

I haven't heard from the guy who was doing the water for ages, so that seems to be of the list for now.
Star-Demon wrote: Okay - good that you mention some of those things - I was going to mention the water - there'd be no point if we don't know if it will happen.

Obviously, I'll have a playing run first to see if anything interesting (or horrifying) can be done.
Star-Demon wrote: Hey - it's not doing anything new or different.

How do I make it do the new stuff? Toggle collision?
Star-Demon wrote: //ToggleCollision



It worked one time. I was impressed.

Star-Demon wrote: okay - I'm going to have to use some really amateurish jumpcuts for this, so if there's any way I can try to play with world objects give me some examples so I can get this done by sunday night.


(unless I'm really overestimating what we can do right now...)

EDIT: (I was. Video is compiling. will be up soon.)
Star-Demon wrote: Okay - here ya go!

Let me know what you think.

Whoever was going to upload to ModDB let me know and I'll provide the vid.
chewit wrote: Yet another excellent video tour :D
Rhys wrote: Good stuff everyone, keep it up :D
sir_herrbatka wrote: We need to put this video on main page.
Zini wrote: Linked from the video page (which is linked from the main page).
Zini wrote: Also added a link to the video to the release announcement posting.
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