Downloading the PR build artifacts

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Downloading the PR build artifacts

Post by akortunov » 04 Mar 2018, 16:02

When someone opens a new PR, AppVeyor and Travis try to build it.
Is there an ability to download build artifacts to test the PR, if you do not have a setup environment for some reason?

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Re: Downloading the PR build artifacts

Post by AnyOldName3 » 04 Mar 2018, 17:24

I've discussed the possibility of setting this up with Ace in the past, and IIRC, the point at which we decided it was too much work to do immediately was when he realised AppVeyor needed to be able to send its artefacts somewhere as it deletes them when it's finished instead of hosting them forever. If someone wanted to bother setting up the infrastructure, it would be a nice thing to have, and would get rid of the burden of having to manually manage nightlies as well.
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Re: Downloading the PR build artifacts

Post by scrawl » 04 Mar 2018, 19:46

See viewtopic.php?f=20&t=1808&start=280#p51902 and
TL;DR: The CI builds are not likely to be very useful because they're built without any optimisation.

Even if we could do it, it's probably quite wasteful to make them into 'proper' builds if we consider that only a small fraction of PR's actually need more testing.

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