OpenMW 0.41.0 Released!

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OpenMW 0.41.0 Released!

Post by raevol » 27 Dec 2016, 03:57

The OpenMW team is proud to announce the release of version 0.41.0! Grab it from our Downloads Page for all operating systems. This release brings an assortment of small new features, such as a handful of graphical magical effects, and some new NPC AI behavior. We continue to plod along to a 1.0 release, stay tuned!

Check out the engine release video and the OpenMW-CS release video by the irrepressible Atahualpa.

Known Issues:
  • Shadows are not re-implemented at this time, as well as distant land
  • To use the Linux targz package binaries Qt4 and libpng12 must be installed on your system
  • On OSX, OpenMW-CS is able to launch OpenMW only if and are siblings
  • On OSX, some users may experience the beginning of acted voice clips cut off
New Features:
  • Implemented zero-weight boots playing light armor boot footsteps
  • Implemented playing audio and visual effects for every effect in a spell
  • Implemented doubling the size of spell explosions
  • Implemented particle textures for spell effects
  • Implemented NPCs using opponent's weapon range to decide whether to dodge
  • Implemented dodging for creatures with the "biped" flag
  • Implemented drop shadow for items in the menu
  • Implemented correct range for "on touch" spells
  • Implemented using telekinesis with on touch spells on objects
  • Implemented AI Combat: Flee
  • Implemented player glow for non-portable lights added to the inventory
  • OpenMW-CS: Implemented rotate and scale sub modes for instance editing mode
  • OpenMW-CS: Implemented water rendering
  • ESS-Importer: Implemented player control flags
Bug Fixes:
  • Almsivi and Divine intervention now display the correct spell effect
  • Instant spell effects now show an effect indicator
  • Fixed playback of weapon idle animation to include a part previously omitted
  • Stat review window at character creation now shows starting spells, powers, and abilities
  • Repair and recharge interfaces no longer cause a performance drop under certain circumstances
  • Fullscreen can now be disabled again after enabling it in-game on OSX
  • Disabled door markers no longer show up on the map
  • Fixed an issue when the equip script instruction is used on an NPC without the item, fixing mods Romance 3.7 and Vampire Embrace
  • Banners now show random animations during stormy weather
  • Inventory tooltip for zero-weight armor no longer displays weight info
  • Idle animations now always loop
  • Spark showers near Sotha Sil now appear at the right time
  • The type of an NPC's melee attack (chop, slash, thrust) no longer depends on their movement direction
  • Fix for freeze when the cell was changed immediately after dying
  • Unalerted slaughterfish in the same cell as the player no longer prevent resting
  • Blood effects no longer occur when the hit is resisted
  • Todwendy can now be interacted with in the German version of the game
  • Fix for crash when opening the journal with missing fonts
  • SetInvisible command no longer applies a graphic effect
  • Non-hostile NPCs can no longer be disarmed by pickpocketing their weapons
  • Hidden inventory items, such as the light source for Trueflame's light effect, are no longer shown
  • Corrected the order in which alembics and retorts are used
  • Animation replacer no longer hangs after one animation cycle
  • Corrected sounds and skill increases for bound armor and shields
  • Corky can now be sold to Drulene Falen
  • NPC disposition can no longer be lowered below zero
  • NPC autoequip behavior now better matches vanilla
  • State of enabled/disabled player controls is now correctly saved
  • Moved references are now properly handled in respawning code
  • Water ripples are now shown when walking on water
  • Argonian NPCs no longer swim like Khajiits
  • Spells with the "always succeed" flag can now be deleted from the spellbook
  • Bound equipment spells can no longer be recast
  • Fixed some objects added by Morrowind Rebirth not properly displaying their texture
  • Fixed OSX not being able to find settings-default.cfg
  • Fixed dialogue/journal links being unclickable on certain platforms due to undefined behavior
  • Attacking with a stacked enchanted thrown weapon no longer reduces the charge of items remaining in that stack
  • Fixed an issue with the water surface transparency when viewed from certain angles using non-shader water
  • Fixed animation state to be saved upon cell-changing or save & load; fixes several traps as well as the metal doors in Sotha Sil
  • "Can't Cast" message now displayed when water walking is cast from too great of a depth
  • Player is now moved out of the water when casting water walking from a shallow enough depth
  • Levelled items in merchant inventory are no longer re-added every time the trade window is reopened
  • Weather manager now handles weather for regions added by plugins after a save game was created
  • Fix to more gracefully handle cases where an object refers to an enchantment ID which does not exist
  • Fixed how NPCs react to hostile spell effects being cast on them (for now, see: viewtopic.php?f=2&p=43942#p43942)
  • Player/NPC skeleton's bone cache is now cleared when a node is added/removed, fixing a crash that could happen whenever player/NPC equipment is updated
  • OpenMW-CS: Globals are now initialized with a valid type
  • OpenMW-CS: The nested tables for NPC skills and attributes are now hidden when the auto-calc flag is checked
  • OpenMW-CS: Fixed verification for "Not Local" info condition
  • OpenMW-CS: Fixed verification for special faction ID "FFFF"
  • OpenMW-CS: Changes from omwaddon are now loaded in [New Addon] mode
  • OpenMW-CS: Objects moved in interior cells in the scene editor will no longer be teleported outside
  • OpenMW-CS: Fixed not being able to find the project file when launching the game
  • OpenMW-CS: Deleted instances will no longer reappear
  • OpenMW-CS: Using "Extend Selection to Instances" will no longer cause duplicates

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Re: OpenMW 0.41.0 Released!

Post by Jyby » 27 Dec 2016, 04:30

Awesome :D Good job team!
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Re: OpenMW 0.41.0 Released!

Post by Zini » 27 Dec 2016, 13:24

Well done, raevol.

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Re: OpenMW 0.41.0 Released!

Post by damiel » 27 Dec 2016, 13:53

Is it just me or are these the release videos for 0.40.0 and not 0.41.0 ?


It shows 0.40.0 videos for me on the news page but the forum posts shows the correct videos.


Now its fine, dafuq is wrong with my browser? I freaked out there a sec :o

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Re: OpenMW 0.41.0 Released!

Post by lgromanowski » 27 Dec 2016, 15:24

It could be related to CDN cache - it takes some time (few minutes or so) to propagate content over all CDN nodes. Refreshing web page in a browser could help.
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Re: OpenMW 0.41.0 Released!

Post by Biboran » 27 Dec 2016, 17:36

Awesome! Can't wait 0.42 :D

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Re: OpenMW 0.41.0 Released!

Post by raevol » 27 Dec 2016, 18:05

Zini wrote:Well done, raevol.
Yee thanks!!

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Re: OpenMW 0.41.0 Released!

Post by Atahualpa » 27 Dec 2016, 18:21

Thanks for publishing the videos. -- By the way: A really smooth release, raevol. :)

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Re: OpenMW 0.41.0 Released!

Post by raevol » 28 Dec 2016, 08:24

Atahualpa wrote:Thanks for publishing the videos. -- By the way: A really smooth release, raevol. :)
For sure! I figure if I can get them public at the same time, it makes things smoother for people looking for them. Let me know if there's any different or better way you prefer me handling the youtube stuff though, I am not sure how my method appears to people subscribed to the channel.

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Re: OpenMW 0.41.0 Released!

Post by rstevenson1976 » 28 Dec 2016, 17:10

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