Blast the Construction set

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Blast the Construction set

Post by lgromanowski »

Star-Demon wrote: Since we're beginning discussions on the editor, let's dig in to what we hate about the CS...

- Crashes.
- Warnings.
- Control responsiveness in render window
- Object rotation in render is clunky(and incomplete).
- Inaccessibility to major mechanics or effects - even broken ones.
- Actor models or animations (would love to assign bodies)
- Terrain editor is clunky.
- Dialogue and quest system is confusing - making quests is the hardest thing in this CS.

For the OpenCS:
ANYTHING that you see in the TESCS menus should have more open access in the OpenCS.
sir_herrbatka wrote:
  • id-list is a nightmare
  • no tabbed render window
  • it's slow
  • hard to select outdoor cell without minimap
Hircine wrote: As this is in the features/requests etc.

Things i would like to see and would implement if i worked out how :P

~I hopefully will be helping with development of the editor

-Searching of Objects
-Listing Similar Objects or Tilesets (easy to say build a tileset town or interior)
-Code Highlighting and organization of scripts.
-A Wizard or easier way of building Quests. It Should be as easy as finishing a quest :P

We should keep a lot of things in mind when doing the editor. It has to fulfill the same ability. If we can do it better. than so be it. :)
Tarius wrote: Heres another thing that would be useful for the construction set, having a set of lines coming out from a selected object that would help tell you where it is in the world. There have been many times when I thought an object was over a table or closer to something then it actually was only to have it fall to the ground or end up elsewhere because it is hard to see its positioning unless its rather close.
Having a set of 3 lines that are colored to the x, y, and z axis that eminate out from the center of the object and that run through everything in their path(ie, the parts of the line that are inside of another object are blocked from view but continue on afterwards) would allow you to easily see where an object is in relation to others around it.
Zini wrote: That is actually a very good idea. But still a post 1.0 feature, I would say. We need to stay focussed on getting the basics right first (i.e. all the editing functions of the original CS).