First Run Dialogue and console case Sensitivity

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First Run Dialogue and console case Sensitivity

Post by lgromanowski » 17 Aug 2011, 19:38

Greendogo wrote: Two things before I go to bed:

1. First Run Dialogue that allows the user to visually browse for his Data Files directory.

2. The console commands should not be case sensitive. I can't think of any circumstance where case sensitivity would prevent ambiguity in vanilla Morrowind.
Zini wrote: 1. Not sure about that. Original MW has a separate launcher. I guess eventually we should implement something similar (including a replacement for the Ogre setup dialogue). Either as a separate program or as another stage, that is run before the main components of OpenMW are fired up (the first option would be much easier to implement).
But for now I don't consider it unreasonable to expect the user to adjust the settings manually (we could provide better default values though).

2. As I wrote in another thread, the console is not case sensitive, except for cell names. These need a special treatment and I haven't found the time to do it yet.
Greendogo wrote: 1. I agree, it isn't unreasonable to expect them to change it. Perhaps, if you can add comments in the OpenMW.cfg file, something noting the usage of the setting should be added. Something like:

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#Change to Morrowind Data Files location
Also, shouldn't the default value be data="data files" or something to that effect?

2. Awesome, feel free to take your time. I thought it was a design decision, not an unfinished feature.

Edit: Combining both topics above, it would be nice to have a default starting cell option in the openmw.cfg file. But this isn't essential, it would just be nice to have.
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