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Zini wrote: I think we need to start using an issue tracker. The number of minor and not so minor problems, that have crept up along the way and haven't been tackled yet, is getting too big for just keeping records in the back of our heads.

btw. the problem with the odd initial values for player health, magicka and fatigue is indeed a bug. I just checked Morrowind.esm and it doesn't have the wrong values we currently see.

The GitHub issue tracker should work well enough. I suggest we only put real bugs into the tracker. Extending it to non-working functions, that don't work because they don't have been implemented yet or only have a placeholder implementation, is rather pointless.
Zini wrote: I added all issues I remembered. But maybe I have missed a few. If the number gets bigger, it would be helpful, if Nico could create a few useful labels to make the issue list a bit more structured.
pogzy wrote: It is a very nice thing to have this issue tracker, it could be a very good starting point for new dev who are looking for where to start from. Small issues are usually a good place to start.
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