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Windows Development Environment Setup

Post by tronvillain » 14 Jun 2012, 06:12

Okay, I have absolutely no idea what I am doing here, but I thought I would at least try to lend a tiny amount of help by doing some testing, but this is completely unfamiliar territory. My apologies if these are stupid questions - perhaps there is a thread on this in here, but I haven't stumbled across it yet.

Now, based on the Development Environment Setup wiki, I have the correct tools, now I just need to assemble the correct libraries. Is there a simple way to obtain all of these, or do I need to track them all down myself?

1) OGRE v1.8rc1 SDK. Finally tracked this down, through the bottom of the Ogre downloads page under All Releases.

2) Found the Boost files, Freetype2, and OpenAL; or at least I think I have.

3) OIS. No link (wait, it was up top, not in the Windows section), but Google turns up Object Oriented Input System, which sounds plausible and there is only the one dowload..

4) Audiere. Which version? 1.9.4 appears to be the latest.

5) Qt. Again, which version? Qt libraries 4.8.2 for Windows (minGW 4.4, 318 MB), Qt libraries 4.8.2 for Windows (VS 2008, 234 MB), Qt libraries 4.8.2 for Windows (VS 2010, 234 MB) or something different/older?

6) GNU C compiler Library. What file, exactly, do I need from there? Something from gcc-4.7.0/?

7) libsndfile. I am assuming the Win32 installer, or should I go with the Win64 installer since I am on 64 bit Windows 7?

8) Bullet 2.80 is mentioned, but doesn't appear in the Windows section. I assume I need it too, but which file?

Then I have to figure out GIT to download the source code.

And then once I have all of that, garvek suggested this in another thread:
run a setup_env.bat which contains your environment variables (think it as a .bashrc). Run cmake from here.
- double click on the generated project to launch MSVC.
- click on "build".
- copy EXE, DLLs and config files at same place ==> this part is the only annoying one, to be honest. But cmake install can also solve it.
- Run.
Where do I get this setup-env.bat?

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Re: Windows Development Environment Setup

Post by Greendogo » 14 Jun 2012, 07:30

If someone can give some knowledge to setting this up with MinGW as opposed to VS, I'd be interested in that.

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Re: Windows Development Environment Setup

Post by garvek » 14 Jun 2012, 07:44

I didn't test under Mingw, but I can give it a try. Here's some answers anyway:

- OIS is embedded with Ogre, no need to get it.
- Libsndfile is not required, Audiere is used instead (a flag has to be added when invoking cmake: -DUSE_MPG123=OFF -DUSE_AUDIERE=ON)
- for QT, the libraries either for Mingw or MSVC, depending on the compiler you'll use
- Bullet, you need the full SDK, download and build (I forgot about this). If needed I can try to make a binary pack and provide to you

Regarding GIT, personnaly I used the git-guy, easier for basic operations.

The setup_env.bat is a generic name for a batch file you have somewhere in your environment, and containing the parameters for CMake to generate the project. However it won't work with Mingw (you have to convert the variables).

btw you need CMake.

If you decide to choose Mingw instead of Visual Studio, the suggested way to install it is to use their installer and choose basic options (gcc suite, don't remember exactly the list).

I'll complete this post tomorrow, hope that helps.

content of setup_env.bat in my case

Code: Select all

set OGRE_HOME=F:\Ogre3D-1.8.0
set BOOST_ROOT=F:\boost-1.49
set BOOST_LIBRARYDIR=F:\boost-1.49\lib32
set FREETYPE_DIR=F:\FreeType-2.3.5
set OPENALDIR=F:\openal-soft-1.14
set AUDIERE_DIR=F:\audiere-1.9.4
set QTDIR=F:\QtSDK\Desktop\Qt\4.8.1\msvc2010
set BULLET_ROOT=F:\bullet-2.80
These paths have to be adapted to your local setup. If you have MinGW, you may have some instead, and explace 'set' by 'export'.

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Re: Windows Development Environment Setup

Post by ezzetabi » 14 Jun 2012, 07:50

What about OpenWatcom? Is it another reason reasonable possibility?

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Re: Windows Development Environment Setup

Post by garvek » 14 Jun 2012, 08:08

We don't have any binaries for Watcom, we would need to build all dependencies, and the setup is probably different (not even sure that CMake could run on it).


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