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journal fix?

Post by elonin » 14 Feb 2020, 20:37

Not sure if this is caused by openmw or is otherwise known but was not able to figure out a google search that works for my issue. I'm on the main quest and i've had a few instances of morrowind "shuffling" journal events. The most recent (and I've seen this on 2 saves) was i just returned the puzzle box to hespalt and gave the papers to the quest giver. who then sent me to divith fyr to get the corpus cure.

The only thing that comes to mind is I did part of the get some boots from yagrum begarn in the corpusarium. Is it possible that caused the main quest to jump tracks? And is it possible to get the other necessary parts, cause i'm also playing using the Julan mod which has certain breaks from the MQ that can cause issues.

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Re: journal fix?

Post by elonin » 17 Feb 2020, 14:04

Any fix or work around for journal entries where caius is sending me to divith fyr to get my corpus cured but all i've done is retreive the cube for Haspalt in the fighters guild? I"m hoping for an answer that is better than just going and getting corpus and brute forcing the rest of the main quest.

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Re: journal fix?

Post by silentthief » 20 Feb 2020, 01:01

I *think* the reason that there has not yet been a reply on this is that this could possibly be caused by mods. So, to help try to start the discussion could you give us the list of mods you have?

100% not a dev, but I know a little about Linux, MW, and scripting. I try to help. LMK if you have any questions.

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Re: journal fix?

Post by elonin » 29 Feb 2020, 14:57

Just noticed this reply. I have a concrete example now. I'm in the main quest and have just received the paper from Hasphault, but am being told by caius to get to divith fyr to get the corpus cure. Is there a way to jump back to the earlier part of the main quest.

Another potential journal entry issue is in rise of house telvanni I'm at the part where verina and sara are engaged in pranking each other. sara refuses to be in follower mode since she doesn't want verina to see us traveling together. The greetings for others has been modified as though sara is traveling with me. Not sure if there is a console command to set the companion count to 0 or something or if i need a journal entry or something else entirely.

Where does openmw store the datafiles list? My mods aren't listed on the morrowind.ini?

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Re: journal fix?

Post by jmelesky » 02 Mar 2020, 19:00

elonin wrote:
29 Feb 2020, 14:57
Where does openmw store the datafiles list? My mods aren't listed on the morrowind.ini?
In a file called 'openmw.cfg'.

If you're running Linux, then it should be somewhere like '$HOMEDIR/.config/openmw'.

For Macs, something like '$HOMEDIR/Library/Preferences/openmw'.

Windows, 'Documents\My Games\OpenMW' (all these locations can be found here).

In the file, lines like 'data=/a/directory/path' add to the directories that OpenMW will search for mods.

Mods themselves are (IIRC) listed in lines like 'content=something.esp'.

BSAs are in lines like 'fallback-archive=something.bsa'.

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Re: journal fix?

Post by elonin » 20 Mar 2020, 00:22

Here is a list of my mods. As a matter of fact the fact I do suspect another mod caused me to jump past 1/3 of the main quest. Rise of house telvanni caused me to go to the corpusarium early which causes caius to tell me to get the corpus cure. The reason i'm asking here is Support over at bethsoft suggested entering this line: SetJournalIndex "A2_3_CorprusCure" 0

That didn't work. wiki page says it's fixed by the patch, which i'm not using due to open mw.

data="H:\morrowind\Data Files"
content=Better Bodies.esp
content=Fast Eddie Fix v .0001.esp
content=KS_Julan_Ashlander Companion_3.0_beta.esp
content=CompanionTeleportation (1).omwaddon
content=Graphic Herbalism Extra.esp
content=Graphic Herbalism.esp
content=Horror Mod.esp
content=Illuminated Order v1.0 - Bloodmoon Compatibility Extras.esp
content=Illuminated Order v1.0.esp
content=Rise of House Telvanni.esm
content=Siege at Firemoth.esp
content=Uvirith's Legacy_3.53.esp
content=Building Up Uvirith's Legacy1.1.ESP
content=BUUG Alchemy- Tribunal.esp
content=BUUG Alchemy- Bloodmoon.esp

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