50-200 FPS, but constant stuttering

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50-200 FPS, but constant stuttering

Post by dukeStepa » 17 Dec 2019, 22:17

installed Morrowind after 15 years :)
I used GOG version of GOTY, openmw 0.45, activated all insluded data files (Bloodmoon, Tribunal and some official plugins), no other mods, no files changed - just GOTY and openmw.
I play it on Dell 5580 laptop (i7, 8 GB ram, MX150, SSD+HDD, but installed on HDD). It runs smoothly, 50-200 FPS, mostly around 100 FPS, but every 15-30 seconds it stutters for a couple of seconds. It doesn't matter what's going on: it happens in towns, inside, outdoors... even in menu, obviously very irritating.
1600*900 resolution,full screen, 2xAA, vsync off.
Any help?

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Re: 50-200 FPS, but constant stuttering

Post by CMAugust » 18 Dec 2019, 01:31

It may not make a difference, but could you see how it performs on the latest nightly build?

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