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A way to record gametime ? GOG Galaxy

Posted: 09 Jun 2019, 15:28
by aryell2linx
New to the forums here, so sorry if this is answered elsewhere .

I'm running Morrowind GOTY GOG version (with the Tamriel Rebuilt mod). So far seems to work.
Game starts up. But I am trying to record my game time played with openmw in the GOG Galaxy.
I know I did something similar with the .info files in the original game folder installation. I have successfully diverted the original Fallout 3 GOTY on gog to record game time in the client because I was running FOSE (Fallout 3 script extender).
Is there a hack. a command line argument, renaming of something or just a copy paste thing I could do ? To make GOG Galaxy recognize openmw as the original Morrowind and record the gametime. Basically I need to start OpenMW through GOG Galaxy to achieve this, but so far changing things in that info file like I did with fallout 3 only tricks the client into believing that the morrowind folder is damaged or straight up uninstalled.

Re: A way to record gametime ? GOG Galaxy

Posted: 11 Jun 2019, 08:21
by aryell2linx
I figure it out ! now openmw starts as if morrowind was running, did the info file editing, like in fallout 3 ... but ... you have to have the original morrowind files and the openmw files in the same folder. And it just works openmw is running through GOG galaxy and it record game time. Thanks. I just had to sleep on it a bit... :D