Cant select Morrowind.esm during wizard

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Cant select Morrowind.esm during wizard

Post by jsh » 10 Apr 2019, 20:26

I am running macOS Mojave and I am trying to install OpenMW (which I had on my old machine). I go through the installation wizard and I navigate to the directory containing the file Morrowind.esm but cannot select that file, it is greyed out.


If I click done then the same finder window keeps popping up and if I click next I receive the error message "Error: This installation was aborted by the user"

Is there any work around to this? I have tried using the two latest versions of openMW but none seem to work.

EDIT: Is it possible to know what to put into the game data folder in /ApplicationSupport/openmw and put it in manually?

EDIT 2: Ok so I have basally copied the entire data files folder from the Game of the Year edition image to the OpenMW base data folder and I can now run the game, will this cause me any issues in the long run though?

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