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Morrowind Enhanced Textures on OpenMW

Posted: 28 Mar 2019, 21:13
by spaghettiknight
Hello all,

I am trying to get the MET texture pack found here ... ?tab=posts to work with OpenMW. The texture pack simply extracts to a texture folder containing .dss files. The forrum for the texture pack says that you need to use the morrowind code updater or a mod manager to install the texture pack. obviously this wont work when running on OpenMW. I tried using nexus mod manager and vortex to install the mod in hopes it would create an esp file that i could load in the data files section of OpenMW launcher. unfortunately it creates a proprietary .json file to employ the mod. What would be the easiest way to proceed here in replacing the texture files? any help is greatly appreciated

Re: Morrowind Enhanced Textures on OpenMW

Posted: 29 Mar 2019, 00:03
by mistermoonshine
Only changes to the game require .esp or .esm files, replacers like textures and meshes don't. You can just drop the 'textures' folder of that mod into your Morrowind/data folder and it will work, the game will automatically load replacer assets in your data folder. It is advised to use a mod manager, however if you're a complete beginner and don't plan on installing many mods anyway I wouldn't bother with a mod manager. If you do want to use a mod manager you have 2 real choices: Mod Organizer which is by far the best but can be complicated for beginners, and OpenMW's native mod manager which works through manually editing a text file. The latter should suffice and is simple to use, follow the guide here ... stall.html

I don't recommend Nexus Mod Manager or Vortex. NMM is very outdated and is superseded by Mod Organizer while Vortex, despite their effort to simplify things for beginners, just ended up making things more complicated.

Re: Morrowind Enhanced Textures on OpenMW

Posted: 29 Mar 2019, 00:03
by AnyOldName3
There are three main options.

The first is to figure out how the mod would be installed normally. It's fairly likely that it just has a textures folder that would go straight into Morrowind's data directory, and if so, you just need to add a data="path/to/directory" line to your openmw.cfg that points to the directory the textures directory is within. If not, then there'll be some kind of file within the mod archive which tells a mod manager where to put each file, and you can read that and do what it says.

The second would be to use Mod Organizer 2 as your mod manager. It has an OpenMW export plugin which allows OpenMW to use the same mod setup. As MO2 has a virtual file system too, it's a fairly obvious bijection between both systems.

The third option would be to use one of the other, lesser mod managers to install the mod. It will put the mod's files within Morrowind's data directory, so OpenMW will be able to see the mod, too, but it will be messy if you ever want to uninstall or update or replace the mod.

Re: Morrowind Enhanced Textures on OpenMW

Posted: 30 Mar 2019, 18:20
by spaghettiknight
Thanks for the help guys, I will give these a shot. one thing i'm still not sure about. I am using the GOTY version of the game. while there is a data files section there is no textures folder after a default installation. does simply adding a textures folder and editing the .cfg file to look for it allow openMW to replace the game textures with these new textures?
I had previously tried using the code patcher/overhaul utility before switching to openMW because the default engine wont let me run off my laptops dedicated graphics card. after i used the code patcher/overhaul the data files folder then had a textures folder, so was this added by the program? I'm just confused why the default game doesn't have a textures file but after using the morrowind overhaul it did, and if it really is as simple as just pasting the textures file into the data files and telling OpenMW to look for it

Re: Morrowind Enhanced Textures on OpenMW

Posted: 30 Mar 2019, 19:16
by spaghettiknight
Well it worked! i added a data= directly to the texture folder containing the dss files e.g. data="D:\ Launcher\games\Morrowind\Data Files\textures". the difference is night and day! this is my first time playing the game since messing with my dads account on our xbox when i was 6! Now it will be looking great too. Thanks everyone.

I'll post a couple crude smartphone pictures i just took of a barrel from the first screen, incredible difference. I'll follow up with some better comparisons after i get to mess with it some more!

Here's the original
IMG_20190330_123839.jpg (75.56 KiB) Viewed 3457 times
Here's the enhanced texture pack
IMG_20190330_123455.jpg (111.83 KiB) Viewed 3457 times

Re: Morrowind Enhanced Textures on OpenMW

Posted: 30 Mar 2019, 19:36
by lysol
You know, you can press "prnt scrn" to take a screenshot that lands in your clipboard (meaning you could ctrl-V it in a paint application) or f12 to make a screenshot that lands in your openmw directory in the Documents area. A lot easier.

Re: Morrowind Enhanced Textures on OpenMW

Posted: 30 Mar 2019, 20:41
by 1Mac
Even so, you can see the difference. Looking forward to more comparisons, with proper screenshots!

Re: Morrowind Enhanced Textures on OpenMW

Posted: 31 Mar 2019, 01:56
by AnyOldName3

Code: Select all

data="D:\ Launcher\games\Morrowind\Data Files\textures"
This sounds like some questionable decisions have been made...