[Solved/Known issue] Changing Gamma

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[Solved/Known issue] Changing Gamma

Post by StevenC21 » 27 Feb 2019, 06:02

Hello. I have had a strange amount of difficulty adjusting the Gamma values in OpenMW, version 0.44.0-6. I run Arch Linux, with the build from the AUR. Anyways, I see no option to adjust the Gamma in game, or in the launcher. I have searched every menu to no avail. The settings.cfg file in my home directory has no "Gamma" option either. This is difficult as the game is far too dark to be playable as is, and I have no access to a Light spell on my current character. I saw viewtopic.php?t=3308, but it appears that the option has been removed.

Is there currently any way to change the Gamma on OpenMW?

Edit: I have discovered the disappointing truth. According to the advanced configuration guide, Gamma adjustment currently does not work on Linux.

https://openmw.readthedocs.io/en/stable ... html#gamma

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Re: Changing Gamma

Post by wareya » 27 Feb 2019, 07:51

Gamma adjustment currently only works with true fullscreen. Once post-processing shaders are better supported it should be supported everywhere though I'm pretty sure.
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