Cross compile Debian -> Windows

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Cross compile Debian -> Windows

Post by Rippl » 17 Feb 2017, 20:48

Hi there

I have a Debian machine with spare computing power.
I was wondering. Is it possible to cross compile on Debian for Windows.
If yes then can anyone help me with this matter.
I'm not a Linux person so my knowledge on this topic is limited.
I don't want to make a competition for Ace's Nightlies but I thought that I can have freshly compiled OpenMW main or experimental branches for myself and, if requested, for other forum members.
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Re: Cross compile Debian -> Windows

Post by K1ll » 18 Feb 2017, 02:24

Hi Rippl

I've been cross-compiling openmw from linux to windows for a few years now. With a recent mingw-w64 toolchain and pre-packaged dependencies it's no trouble at all.

On debian it could be quite a hassle though since AFAIK there are only a few mingw-w64 packages so you would have to manually compile most openmw dependencies (and the dependencies of the dependencies ...).

I'm using Arch Linux and it seems like it has the biggest and best maintained set of mingw-w64 packages of any distro thanks to the Arch User Repository (AUR). There even is an unofficial mingw-w64 repo with binary packages but sadly it has been unmaintained for over a year now. The AUR has all packages necessary to cross-compile openmw except openscenegraph but I have a package for that on my local machine which I probably should upload to the AUR anyway.

So the easiest way to cross-compile openmw on your machine is probably to create an arch chroot and pull in and compile the openmw dependencies from the AUR. I would be willing to help you with that.

If you'd rather try to cross-compile it directly on debian anyway I would suggest building debian packages for the dependencies since that makes the setup a lot more maintainable and they could be contributed back to debian as well. I would be willing to help with that too.

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