OpenMW ARM64 + AMD GPU = Random Crashing

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OpenMW ARM64 + AMD GPU = Random Crashing

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I have tried using the OpenMW build from the Debian repository, and also tried building from source and encountering the same issues.

I am using an LX2k ARM64 workstation with two different AMD Radeon Pro WX cards. It appears after I reach some condition while walking around the game will crash itself and the display driver making it impossibe to recover system without a hard reset. I am also unable to access a TTY console at the time of crash. With a Radeon Pro WX 2100 the game rarely crashes and can usually get ab out an hour or more in a session. I recently upgraded to a WX 4100 and now the game is just about impossible to play. I noticed I get more playtime starting a new character but accessing old saves crashes within almost a minute.

Before I submit any bug reports to GitLab, what would be the best way to debug or pull logs for this kind of issue? Thanks.
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Re: OpenMW ARM64 + AMD GPU = Random Crashing

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If the display driver crashes, that's almost certainly the display driver's fault. Even if we're doing things we're not allowed to, OpenGL is specified to generate error messages rather than crash.
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