Grid and snapping

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Grid and snapping

Post by letrea » 29 Dec 2018, 21:43

I'm a big fan of openmw-cs, and prefer to use it over the TES CS as much as possible. It works great for small object changes and item creation, but I found it not ready for cell creation at the moment with the biggest problem being the lack of grid snapping and object rotation snapping. The people I've recommended moving over to it for also complain about this, as the grid TES-CS offers being very fast for workflow. I find myself having to make decimal changes in X/Y positions to line things up without seams, whereas this is handled automatically in TES-CS. Of course, this is a big feature, and I'm sure is in planning. It's not a deal-breaker for someone who wants to work in a libre environment or avoid running TES-CS in WINE.

A more immediate issue I found was that as the rotation system uses decimal points, and only supports up to a thousandth, it becomes impossible to line up long walls. A half turn can be done through 3.141, but lining up multiple flat objects using a quarter-turn of the rounded up pi/2 (1.571) starts to reveal seams and clear misalignment. I'd like to request that either this decimal point be moved to a ten-thousandth or a hundred-thousandth, or ideally, it is replaced with a degree-based rotation as it is in TES-CS. This way, the CS would handle the rounding of the longer decimal points internally, and the user would be presented with the universal 0-360 degree system, allowing for proper alignment of objects. This is a lot to ask for from someone who isn't pushing changes to the CS, but I'm hoping that at least until I can do so, the decimal point limit would be pushed back to ten-thousandths or higher in a hotfix before implementing this system.

Another issue people had when I recommended the CS to them was the lack of duplicating from the cell view. Essentially this would be done by selecting the object, pressing ctrl+d which would clone the record and make that record the new selection.

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Re: Grid and snapping

Post by unelsson » 10 Apr 2019, 21:24

Grid seems to be planned .

It seems like rotations have been made 6 decimals in 0.45, but regarding displaying degrees, added also an issue to gitlab .

Ability to duplicate objects sounds very useful. I also hope this will get to roadmap. It's not the most complicated thing to code.

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