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Post by Zedd » 05 Dec 2012, 15:25

I've been having a conversation with the creator of the Morrowind tools project (aka Morrowtools) because i had the impression that he was also working on some kind of modernized version of the original version. I asked him about his project and told him about ours to see if we aren't doing twice the work here. Ill just include his response, maybe you guys can do something with it
Hi Zed,

this is Thoronador of the Morrowtools project on SourceForge.
First, thanks for your mail about the OpenMW editor.
Second, I am aware of the effort of the OpenMW team to create
a new engine for Morrowind. I have been watching its progress
now and then, especially since the transition from D to C++,
which was (IMHO) one of the best decisions made so far.
I already had considered to contribute code to OpenMW, but I
have not done so yet for two reasons:
1) Lack of spare time to do that, and
2) the fact that OpenMW code was written by someone else
(i.e. not me), which means that I would require quite some
time to get familiar with the current codebase before I can
dive in and contribute any useful code to the project.

Third issue is that I am not too fond of working on an editor
for any game.
Having said that, I also have the feeling that you got a bit
of a wrong idea what Morrowtools is about. It is not about
creating an editor, it is basically about being able to read
ESM/ESP files from disk into memory, modify them in some pre-
defined way without much user interaction, and then write
those modified data back to the file. (That also is part of
the reason why almost every released binary of my project is
just a mere command line programme without a GUI.)
Sure, some portions of the code could be useful for OpenMW
and/or OpenCS, too, and you are of course free to include some
of the code from Morrowtools into OpenMW/OpenCS, if it suits
your needs, because after all the code is licenced under GNU
GPL v3, which allows code sharing and reuse. But I do not see
me working on a fully adequate replacement for TESCS any time

To sum things up: For the time being I simply do not have the
time to work on OpenMW, although I very much welcome the basic
idea behind the project. Maybe things change at a later time,
so that I am able to spare some time to contribute to OpenMW,
but that will not happen before next year, I guess.

Best regards,
Hope this can help you in any way.
Behind you!

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Re: Morrowtools

Post by Zini » 05 Dec 2012, 16:35

Unfortunately not. Apparently everything that is covered by Morrowtools is either already implemented or we will approach it from a completely different angle.

But thanks for trying anyway.

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Re: Morrowtools

Post by Zedd » 05 Dec 2012, 19:32

Zini wrote:But thanks for trying anyway.
Glad I could try to help ;)
Behind you!

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