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Compiling for Win32

Posted: 29 May 2021, 03:10
by dylanrush
My goal is to compile OpenMW for 32-bit, while also avoiding SSE2 instructions, as I've built a little Athlon XP machine and I want to play OpenMW on there.

I'm trying to follow the development guide but this script does not work:

CI/ -k -p Win32 -v 2019

I'm not sure how anyone is pulling in the correct dependencies because no 32 bit dependencies show up here: ... in/windows

How is the 32 bit version usually built? Should I just go through and manually build and install all of the dependencies?

The wiki is at least incorrect because it states you can use -p Win32, but this is not true.

Re: Compiling for Win32

Posted: 29 May 2021, 07:04
by akortunov
IIRC, there was a decision to do not maintain 32-bit builds anymore, so there is no 32-bit libraries on the OpenMW repo. To make a 32-bit build, you need to find 32-bit libraries somewhere, probably build a part of them by yourself.