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Has there been any analysis on the required feature set for porting to VulkanSceneGraph? Are any features lacking which would make porting difficult?

At a glance, I don't see any out-of-the-box support for MyGUI in any of the plugins, but there is an ImGUI plugin which could be used as a template. It looks like VSG and its plugins have a good deal of compatibility with OSG formats and concepts, with more support in the works.

The pending features listed on the Roadmap are currently:
Pending/Underway tasks:
  • Scene graph level multi-bin support with bin sorting.
  • Positional state support to enable easier support of lighting, shadows, texture projection.
  • Support for Khronos ray tracing.
  • Support for integration with OpenGL/OSG applications via EXT_external_object & VK_KHR_external_memory
  • Port to iOS
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Re: VulkanSceneGraph

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We don't have the manpower to maintain two rendering backends, let alone do the port in the first place. We'd have to drop OSG support in favour of VSG support and that would mean OpenMW would become incompatible with lots of hardware it currently supports. It's not a matter of when VSG supports what we need it to, but instead a matter of when we've got nothing more pressing to do and all the hardware we want to support supports Vulkan.
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