Lua scripting in OpenMW

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Re: Lua scripting in OpenMW

Post by heilkitty » 02 Jan 2021, 15:56

urm wrote:
29 Dec 2020, 22:59
There were some talks about adding Python scripting to OpenMW-CS, which personally I find a bit weird since we do seem somewhat commited with the Lua API for the main game.
That's for automating OpenMW-CS itself, e.g., bulk creating/editing objects. Many popular tools, such as Blender and GIMP, have Python automation, so it's quite logical actually.
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Re: Lua scripting in OpenMW

Post by AnyOldName3 » 02 Jan 2021, 16:57

There are a lot more data processing libraries out there for Python than Lua, and Python has a choice of well-tested, actively developed Qt bindings, including official ones. Sandboxing is less of a concern for the CS, and also native code is less problematic, too - if you want a native-backed Python library in your OpenMW-CS plugin, then just reference a pip package, and there'll be a native version for most platforms and a pure-Python fallback for the others.
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