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When should bug tracker issues be tagged with a version?

Posted: 01 Aug 2017, 21:56
by Thunderforge
So now that I have bug tracker access (thanks lgromanowski!) I thought I might try to triage a couple of issues. Some of them were things marking things as "confirmed" when someone has confirmed that the issue was.

However, I'm really confused as to when things should be tagged with a certain version. There were several issues that were marked as "Confirmed", but had no issue. I thought that tagging them as OpenMW 0.43 would be a good thing, since then they get visibility on the roadmap page. However, several of these version tags were then removed.

Apparently, there is some unwritten rule I'm not aware of for when issues should be tagged with a version. When does this happen? When it's confirmed? When it's assigned? When it's resolved? Something else?

Re: When should bug tracker issues be tagged with a version?

Posted: 02 Aug 2017, 08:55
by Capostrophic
Since nobody is working on the issues in question at the moment and they don't really high severity and priority, it's not a good idea to bloat the 0.43.0 roadmap with issues that could just be "moved on" by Zini to the roadmap of the next version. Honestly, no issues should have a target version until someone begins to work on them.
There's sore need for target pseudo-version "uncategorized" or something, because the visibility is a problem, but the visibility just for the sake of it is not useful.
My opinion is subjective, of course.