Thoughts on the collision box?

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Thoughts on the collision box?

Post by DestinedToDie » 02 May 2017, 12:27

Hey. As you may know, collision boxes are rectangles in .nif files. But in OpenMW ingame they are converted into this:

It's like the rectangle is taken and subdivided 1 or 2 times. The reason I'm bringing this up to ask if we are getting high physics because of this method? If it were a simple cube, wouldn't NPCs colliding with objects on the ground be less impactful?

Is the subdivision a good thing or should we revert to a rectangle?

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Re: Thoughts on the collision box?

Post by Capostrophic » 02 May 2017, 14:43

Er... no, we should never turn the player and NPC's collision shape to a cuboid under no circumstances. This isn't the performance-hogger, and also is not subdivision of a cuboid and it won't affect performance and the return of slight floating NPCs will look even worse than with a cylinder and do you even character controller and destined don't go where you don't need to and if it works don't ever touch it and I need a pizza and reee et cetera.

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Re: Thoughts on the collision box?

Post by raven » 02 May 2017, 16:33

That is a graphical representation of a capsule. The only simpler collision shape would be a sphere.

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Re: Thoughts on the collision box?

Post by Lamoot » 03 May 2017, 12:41

The collision box was replaced with a capsule in the current version (along with other changes to player physics if i remember correctly). ... cd2b72cea3

Also for NPCs:

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