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Re: Multiplayer Development

Post by krugman25 » 26 Jun 2015, 14:16

gus wrote:you might want to look at raknet, it is really good (and they have this awsome replication thing). I was even bought by oculus ;)
I was and still am considering Raknet. Two of the biggest advantages I see of Raknet over ENet is that Raknet's library support voice-chat and it also has a larger community so it's much easier to find resources online. It still plenty early in development to check out different libraries. If I do any testing I will certainly post results here. Thanks for the suggestion! :D
I also heard that Raknet now has a built-in feature to receive Facebook updates in-game :lol:
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Re: Multiplayer Development

Post by orc » 27 Jun 2015, 09:58

ooooh the voice chat would be nice :D

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