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Re: Android build openmw

Post by Demorde » 02 Aug 2014, 20:00

Demorde wrote:OpenMW is released under GNU GPLv3, by the terms of the license he is required to release the source for all his modifications since he released a binary.
OpenMW is licensed under GPLv3, they need to follow it for it to have any effect. If not, then it doesn't have any meaning.
Ace (SWE) wrote:To be fair, he seems to have documented his code changes on the wiki ( So he's not broken GPLv3 in any way that I'm aware of.
According to the license they specify that the source code must be released in full, showing snippets and a 'guide' to it does not constitute a source release.

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Re: Android build openmw

Post by sandstranger » 02 Aug 2014, 21:35

Here full changed code ... t=download
now I'm still a criminal ?
I just wanted to help in the development of openmw
I am disappointed in this world
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Re: Android build openmw

Post by Eli2 » 02 Aug 2014, 21:42

sandstranger wrote: now I'm still a criminal ?
From my point of view you never were.

Can we please finally lock this?

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Re: Android build openmw

Post by lgromanowski » 03 Aug 2014, 08:43

PM quote from psi29a:
Just a heads up, before Demorde went on his GPLv3 crusade, all of SandStranger's code changes had already landed into OpenMW's codebase, 8 days ago, via Scrawl who worked with SandStranger to get it running on Android. Any changes in code was done by Scrawl, for example:

So please, in the future, don't be an asshat and do your research first. You're scaring away people who want to support the project.
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