Vapourmist mod

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Vapourmist mod

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The fact that this mod is not supported on OpenMW rips me apart, truly. It's just a so beautiful addition and a shame to not be able to play it in OpenMW :(

I left a comment on the mod "posts" page.

Think it works automatically for Tamriel Rebuilt, Skyrim Home of the Nords, Lythdonea, etc...

By the way, I'm becomming a Twitch addict, wouldn't someone to do some stream coding OpenMW for us to learn something?

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Re: Vapourmist mod

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There are two parts to this mod. One is that is places a bunch of meshes around the player, this is something even mwscript can do and definitely possible in Lua in the near future. The second part to the mod changes the models material attributes (diffuse, emissive, etc...) based on the current weather conditions and time of day. This is the difficult part as we don't have access to raw NIF properties like MWSE does. The mod can still be implemented without the changing colors, but it won't look as nice.

Just a note, the mod looks much less impressive without MGE-XE shaders, particularly the sky/atmosphere/fog.
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Re: Vapourmist mod

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This is truly beautiful!
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